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Seed is a multifaceted movement that was established in 2006. It was founded by an independent female artist that believed that the intersection and marriage of art, music, technology & film would be the future of these industries involved. Seed is an art gallery, music venue, production company and represents artists from across the globe as well as housing the work of the artist, Psyriiis; formally known as Gizem Bacaz.

The clothing brand is just one facet under the umbrella of Seed and is part of the overall vision of a sustainable, conscious future. 🌱

Transform your online shopping perspective with Seed, the multifaceted female founded movement that provides an organic clothing line as well as many other elements… part of many reasons why Seed is revolutionizing everything:

Here's why:
• Elevate Your Well-being and Nature: Your clothing choices impact your health and the planet. Choose organic cotton for sustainability and a healthier lifestyle.

• Gentle on Skin, Gentle on Earth: Say goodbye to skin irritations caused by toxic textiles. Organic clothing is chemical-free, eco-friendly, and kind to your skin.

• Protect Earth's Vitality: Embrace organic cotton to combat water waste and pesticide pollution from conventional cotton farming. Join us in safeguarding our planet's ecosystem.

Make the shift today. Support Seed for a greener, healthier, and more conscious tomorrow!


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