Seed | Psyriiis combines art and fashion while empowering the wearer. The brainchild of a mysterious award winning world renowned artist that has spanned over 33 years of multi-disciplinary work. Seed embodies much more than just fashion but also is the driver of a massive revolution taking place all over the globe.  The brand vision is a sustainable approach to the designer experience with a street style that is building a bridge around the universe. An NFT has been released on OpenSea, “Root” on October 29th, 2021 

Psyriiis has a vision is to break down the barriers of visual perception. To awaken the viewer’s conscious to the vastness of infinite possibility. Through the use of opposing elements and the incorporation of the viewer’s unique interpretation, the goal of the work is to release the power of the unconscious.

Fusing bold and soft lines, dense and flat colors the result is a mixture of both constructed and deconstructed art. By challenging the viewer’s sense of the norm the work stimulates the mind to find meaning in the piece’s intentional chaos. Thus forcing a search for balance. The organic flow of the work is the genesis of the unique story completed in the mind’s eye.

The artist has a vision to describe the commonalty and uniqueness shared by all beings. The work becoming the epitome of the struggle of the opposing sides within us all. Thus encouraging exploration and enlightenment of the world.





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