Heaven Mug

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In skies of blue, where dreams take flight,
A canvas vast, a pure, soft white,
The clouds above, like cotton spun,
They grace the heavens, one by one.

Majestic forms that gently glide,
In every shape and size, they hide,
From wisps so thin to billows grand,
They dance as if on nature’s hand.

My mug adorned with clouds so fair,
Whispers tales of open air,
A morning brew or evening tea,
Beneath the sky’s vast tapestry.

Each sip you take, each moment’s grace,
Embraces you in an airy embrace,
As dreams take flight on gentle shroud,
With my clouded mug, you’re well-endowed.

So let your heart and spirit soar,
With skies above and dreams in store,
With every sip, you’re not alone,
My clouded mug, your heart’s true home.

A classic bestseller, this custom mug is for those who truly believe there’s nothing better than a cup of your favorite beverage in hand. The mug is made of white, durable ceramic and comes in 11oz size. Place a witty and eye-catching design to make it the perfect gift for every true coffee or tea lover.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle

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